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In today's world, no modern girl can get much done without a high tech gadget, whether it be a cellular phone, laptop or mp3 player. Yet, we are still flooded with an endless array of electronics and electronic accessories that are sadly aesthetically challenged or designed for guys. Worse, the few aesthetically-challenged items that are out there are hard to find. Fortunately, StyleSynch is changing all of that. We're here to bring style to every girl's digital life.

Our vision is simple:
To revolutionize the way women relate to their tech gear!

How do we accomplish this?

  • By being the premier shopping destination for every girl to find fashionable tech gear that fits her individual sense of style. We aim to offer the best selection of products that are fashionable AND functional.
  • By offering the utmost in customer service including free standard shipping and returns, awesome personal support and information you REALLY want.
  • By being conscious company both ecologically and socially.

A Conscious Company:

  • Through our non profit project "Operation Courage Is Beautiful " (OCIB), we at StyleSynch are not only giving back to our community, but we are actually taking the initiative to make a positive difference by creating socially conscious projects and engaging others in these projects.
    OCIB supports our pioneering women in the uniform beginning with specially designed care packages just for them. OCIB is 100% volunteer and donation based. StyleSynch has donated hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars worth of products and continue to do so. Learn more at http://OperationCourage.org.
  • At StyleSynch, we believe in sustainability, including the classic "three Rs"-Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. To list a few examples, items shipped from StyleSynch are only packed with re-used and/or recycled materials. We've reduced paper usage during the shipping process by 50% simply by printing half sized. We recycle EVERYTHING at our office, from electronics to even empty toilet paper rolls. We only print when necessary, otherwise it's all digital, baby!

Help us serve you better by contacting us at info (at) StyleSynch (dot) com with any questions or comments. If there is a product, a brand, or other information you would like to see on our site, let us know!

Your Story

Let us know how our products have changed the way you relate to your electronics! Tell us your story, what you think and what others have said about your StyleSynch products!

Go to contact us or email us at Info (at) StyleSynch (dot) com, and your story and photos may be published on our site!

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